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MILLEPRÍ one night exhibition "Seeds"

yuriko gioielli is pleased an one night exhibition "Seeds" of works by japanese artist Chiharu Hirose, MILLEPRÍ on 02 February 2012/ 18.30 - 22:00.

MILLEPRÍ imagines eternal spring, a blooming and never-ending germination of forms. Imagining spring is like imagining the origin of life and renewing its wonder.
An amazed gaze lies at the base of these jewels, that are surprising for their capacity of combining lightness with complexity. The creations of MILLEPRÍ give life to an astonishing universe of weaving, the proliferation of forms and different and unique encounters.

It is like observing a new world made of an organic and mysterious nature, similar to a reality seen in its most precious details through a microscope. It is precisely in the perfection of every single detail, as well as the refined delicacy of the lines that make MILLEPRÍ jewelry recognizable.

Seeds, Proliferation, Mist, Soul, are some of the names the artist has chosen for her work and they all perfectly represent the essence of her research.Water, fire and mist seem to crystallize in the MILLEPRÍ creations. They become sinuous lines, a play of fullness and emptyness. They capture and mould nature’s energy.

MILLEPRÍ creations embody the vitality of nature’s forces. Their form is susceptible to transformation, as if the metal were able to renew itself, searching for new compositions. MILLEPRÍ mixes naturally different elements and forms in jewels, which are able to surprise us in the same way as nature’s beauty does, exactly like the return of spring fills us with wonder.

Paola Caravati

P1020228s_L.jpgwindow display at yuriko gioielli, Milan, 2012

P1020237s_HP.jpgpendant, spostare series.P1020229s_HP.jpgpendant, spostare series.P1020227s_HP.jpgwindow display.P1020233s_HP.jpgpendant, articolazione series.IMGP2771s_HP.jpgring, rticolazione series.IMGP2769s_HP.jpgpendant, sorpresa.
P1020236s_HP.jpgwindow display.P1020228s_HP.jpgpendant, spostare series.016-614x411.jpgyuriko gioielli, milan. © Casa, Corriere della sera.


IMGP2770s_HP.jpgpendant, barocco.IMGP2760s_HP.jpgInterior view.IMGP2727s_HP.jpgearrings il tempo.
IMGP2733s_HP.jpgring girotondo series. IMGP2739s_HP.jpgring semi.IMGP2798s_HP.jpgring crescendo series.
IMGP2800s_HP.jpgring crescendo.IMGP2799s_HP.jpgring crescendo.IMGP2807s_HP.jpgring crescendo.


IMGP2797s_HP.jpginterior view.IMGP2795s_HP.jpgring capolino series.IMGP2796s_HP.jpgring capolino.
IMGP2740s_HP.jpgpendant pianta series.IMGP2743s_HP.jpgearrings semi series.IMGP2744s_HP.jpgearrings semi series.IMGP2759s_HP.jpgdrawing.IMGP2757s_HP.jpgdrawing.IMGP2746s_HP.jpgring funghi series. pendant, articolazione.


IMGP2749s_HP.jpgpendant, articolazione.IMGP2750s_HP.jpgring funghi series. pendant, articolazione.IMGP2752s_HP.jpgring funghi series. pendant, articolazione.IMGP2753s_HP.jpgpendant.IMGP2755s_HP.jpgpendant, profumo.IMGP2804s_HP.jpgpendant, incontro series.IMGP2766s_HP.jpgpendant, spostare series.IMGP2767s_HP.jpgpendant, spostare series.IMGP2788s_HP.jpgpendant, spostare series.