Profile_English of MILLEPRI


Born in Saitama in Japan. She moved to Italy in 1993 where she first studied with sculptor David De Paoli. Later on she attended the Jewelry Art School in Milan. In 1997 she began studying under master jewelers Guido and Sonia Bertazzi at their jewelry workshop in Milan. In 2001 she set up her own jewelry studio, MILLEPRÍ in Milan and in 2008, she established her brand MILLEPRÍ. Currently Chiharu Hirose with the MILLEPRÍ brand creates Made to Order jewelry.



It is a coinage made of the words "Mille", an Italian word for thousands or infinite, and "Primavera", meaning spring or birth. The word in Italian means "without end" and evokes the freedom, movement and harmony that are the spirit of the MILLEPRÍ creativity. Each MILLEPRÍ Jewelry draws its strength from the rich cultural, contemporary taste and natural beauty of its destination. As such, every experience is a unique voyage of discovery and inspiration that is distinctly MILLEPRÍ. The MILLEPRÍ was born in 2001, with the launch of the first Chiharu Hirose's Jewelry in Italy's historic and artistic city of Milan.Inspiring passion, personal freedom and an appreciation for the rich cultures of our world - the art of the MILLEPRÍ creativity.